A group of IB1 students attended a poetry reading session at the Museum of Pan Tadeusz on 16th May 2017. Students had the pleasure to listen to the Cracovian actor, Jerzy Trela, who read a couple of Tadeusz Różewicz poems, at the same time reminding that the creation of great poets always sounds up to date and arouses emotions. The encounter with the author of „Szara strefa” ("Gray Zone") is one of the events accompanying the exhibition "Stankiewicz – Różewicz – Stankiewicz”, which students saw as well, thus getting acquainted with the story of these two distinguished Wrocław artists' collaboration.

IB Diploma Exam Session - isn't that something?

It is on 28th April 2017 - almost a week earlier than other high school graduates - that our IB students shall begin their Diploma exam session which will last until 17th May. Fifteen students are taking 28 exams at standard level and 30 - at higher level. Apart from Polish and English as native languages, there will also be Russian and Chinese taken this year at EKOLA. All students, at different levels though, will sit mathematics examinations. In this year's session, two completely new subjects have appeared: Global Politics and Business Management. It won't be easy, so let us all keep our fingers crossed for our Diploma candidates and wish them luck with all 58 exams.

"Iwona..." and more

A group of IB students and their Polish A teacher, Ms Renata Otolińska, spent the day of 28th March in Warsaw, where they pursued an extensive - even if one-day only - cultural programme. For some students it was the first visit to Polish capital city, therefore they couldn't possibly skip a walk down the Royal Route or a stroll in the Old Town. The cultural itinerary included two very important spots. First, the students watched the 19th-century painting collection in the National Museum and - among others - Jan Matejko's works. While admiring "The Battle of Grunwald", they had an occasion to test their knowledge of history. In the evening, the group enjoyed not only the beautiful interior of Warsaw National Theatre, but above all - the very successful staging of „Iwona księżniczka Burgunda”, drama by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Agnieszka Glińska, with excellent roles of Jerzy Radziwiłowicz (King Ignacy) and Ewa Konstancja Bułhak (Queen Małgorzata). The artists interpreted „Iwona…” as a drama on nonuniformity or incompatibility of what is common and authentic with forms, conventions, celebrity masquerades, exposing Gombrowicz's irony and humor. The evening at the theatre provided a worthy compensation for the many hours' trip to Warsaw.



Bottle tops and screw cups

EKOLA has been recently awarded with the title of An Honorary Friend of the Foundation „Bliżej szczęścia” ("Towards Happiness") in appreciation of our engagement, support and help in the charity campaign „Pomaganie przez odkręcanie” ("Helping by Unscrewing"). The ordinary bottle tops and screw cups collected by EKOLA school community contributed to the renovation works in the Children's Home in Sosnowiec. We do hope that in this year, our ongoing active involvement in that campaign will allow to collect enough bottle tops to fully complete the renovation of the facility.



Passionate and Talented

On Thursday, 9th February 2017, at 17:30 sharp, we began our wonderful EKOLA Talent Show. Students who had been auditioned before, now had their chance to present their talents to a much bigger audience, which largely consisted of parents, teachers, students and a special guest - the CAPITOL Musical Theatre star, Ms Justyna Szafran. The young artists performing on stage on that night delighted the audience with their charm, passion and variety of talents. We could see and hear ballroom dancers, violin, drums and piano players, singers, poets, modern dancers and even a monocyclist's ride. The particularly emotional part of the show was the last performance, when our junior high school students' band presented their cover of "The House of the Rising Sun" (The Animals), to which the audience responded with a long and enthusiatsic applause. The greatly gifted band members were Ada Trybuchowska (the piano), Ania Cieplik (the cello), Marysia Salwa (the bass guitar, vocalist), Mikołaj Chudzikowski (the lead guitar) and Aleksy Domke, EKOLA former student (the drums). At the end of the show, Ms Justyna Szafran greatly surprised everyone when she spontaneously joined the band and sang The Animals' ballad along with them. The musicians were all thrilled. We do hope that the magic of this event will remain in our memories for a long time and next year we will host other young and talented students on our stage again.

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