Helpful as always

EKOLA students never fail when it comes to supporting charities, they frequently help those who need it. By participation in the charity campaign „Pomaganie przez odkręcanie” (Helping by opening), run by the „bliżej szczęścia” Foundation, they contributed by collecting lots and lots of bottle tops to the fund-raising for the renovation of Care and Education Facility no 3 in Sosnowiec. They have just received a letter of thanks for their help and appreciation of their attitude and for sure will be willing to join other campaigns undertaken by the Foundation.

13th International Short Story Festival

In October, as usual, IB students wandered around the cultural spots of Wrocław (Spanish Bookshop, Dizajn BWA Gallery, Musical Theatre CAPITOL) in order to participate in discussions, meet authors, but above all listen to beautiful literature read out aloud. The 13th International Short Story Festival revolved around the motto: „Me and my foe", yet the atmosphere was splendid and debates - friendly. One of EKOLA Polish teachers, Ms Agata Polańska, took part in one of them whose topic was the modern canon of literary works. Students will surely remember the interestingly arranged space of CAPITOL Theatre, where the words of stories about love, mystery and time, read out not only in Polish, but also in Basque, Korean or Hungarian, created wondrous worlds to remember and experience not only during the festival.

On the radio

On 26th September 2017, IB2 students along with their class tutor, Mr Tomasz Budkowski visited Radio Wrocław - a broadcaster for the region of Lower Silesia. The visit started with the museum of the radio, which moved everyone back to technological past. Soon after, the students came back to the 21st century, when they had a chance to admire very modern studios and compare them with those from the past. Students listened to the history of the Wrocław radio and found out a lot about the profession of radio journalists and operators. They could see how radio producers and editors work live. The visit taught students quite a lot about the very place at Karkonoska Street as well as various technicalities of radio work, but above all they could see how it is to actually work on the radio, asked questions and found themselves in the middle of the world which so far they had known only as the audience of different radio programmes.

Effective communication every day

On 25th September, within the CAS programme, IB1 students with the EKOLA CAS coordinator, Ms Dominika Pogorzelec-Nierzewska, took part in the workshop titled „How to Communicate Effectively?” organized at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Management, which was one of the events of this year's Lower Silesian Science Festival. During the workshop, students got acquainted with various kinds of verbal and non-verbal communication as well as discussed examples of some non-verbal messages (gestures, body posture, proxemics). Furthermore, they had a chance to test the newly-acquired skills during group activities. The workshop definitely proved a good beginning for learning how to communicate effectively in our everyday lives.

New series of theatre evenings commenced

On 22nd September, EKOLA students commenced a new series of theatre evenings, that is outings to theatres, opera, National Forum of Music and other cultural institutions of Wrocław.  They saw „20 najśmieszniejszych piosenek na świecie” ("The Twenty Funniest Songs in the World") on Polski Theatre Small Stage. The performance directed by Jerzy Satanowski was seen by more than 30 students: Year 7 of Primary School, Junior High School as well as some preIB students, along with the Polish language teachers, Ms Agata Polańska and Ms Anna Lemke-Sławińska. The masterful interpretations of songs of Wojciech Młynarski, Agnieszka Osiecka, Jonasz Kofta, Jacques Brel, Elvis Presley or Vladimir Vysotsky delivered by Mariusz Kilian proved to be a genuine feast of musical and acting talents.

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