On the 15th December 2017 preIB students attended the opening and watched the exhibition „Różewicz. Bez tekstu” („Różewicz. No text”) at Muzeum Pana Tadeusza. Many were surprised with the exhibits, as they had never before known Różewicz as a collector of knick-knacks, postcards and beer coasters. It was also the films shown at the museum which might have surprised a few, in which the author talks about his own works but also about media, sport or travelling. Having seen the exhibition, it is probably worth going back to poems by Różewicz as well as his different quotes, for instance the one from "Wypisy": I believe, nations are cemented either by love or by hatred. The 20th century chose hatred, the 21st one will choose either love or nothing, the hell.


The 17th of November 2017 was a good sunny autumn day and above all - a day of cultural experience, which IB1 and IB2 students spent with their Polish teacher, Ms Renata Otolińska, in Poznań. The industrial and very modern Stary Browar (Old Brewery House), which was the starting point for the city walking tour, stood in contrast to Centrum Kultury Zamek, where students saw the unique exhibition „Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The Polish context”. It was actually an art lesson conducted by a guide fascinated with the Mexican artist's paintings, who revealed before students the meaning of various symbols and contexts, important while interpreting Kahlo's works. In the afternoon, there came time for theatre experience. At Teatr Nowy, the students saw „Iwona księżniczka Burgunda” ("Ivona, Princess of Burgundia") by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Magdalena Miklasz. The staging of the play in which the plot got doubled by means of using the theatre stage on one hand and screens as well as elements of a TV studio on the other, went too far from the message of Gombrowicz, which could be seen, for instance, in skipping the epilogue, so meaningful for interpreting the main idea of the drama. Nonetheless, students appreciated the acting and humour of the play. Perhaps another staging of "Iwona...", the one at Teatr Dramatyczny in Wałbrzych, will allow them to fully review the performance they saw in Poznań? It was, anyway, the Kahlo's exhibition that turned out the major highlight of the cultural trip to Poznań, as a truly memorable and in-depth experience.



The November theatre night was the most imaginative movie titled "Loving Vincent" ("Twój Vincent") directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman at Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe, where the 7th-graders of Primary School, Junior High School and preIB students went with Ms Agata Polańska. The Polish-British co-production, whose authors "animated" nearly a hundred of Van Gogh's paintings on screen, got students fascinated with its formal virtuosity and evoked discussion about the hypotheses stated in the movie with regard to the Dutch painter's death.

Here comes Poland...

EKOLA Primary School, Junior High and preIB students gave a concert on 9th November to celebrate the Poland's Independence Day. They were guided and supported by four teachers in the preparations and rehearsals, Ms Monika Kłoczko, Ms Agata Polańska, Ms Marta Gościmińska and Ms Bronisława Porębska-Solnica. The concert was dedicated to those who longed for freedom and fought for it as well as to all those who can now enjoy this freedom, so that they remember it should not be taken for granted but needs to always be cherished and learned about. The audience listened to poems and songs of distinguished Polish authors, such as C.K. Norwid, S. Wyspiański, A. Asnyk, T. Różewicz, W. Młynarski, Z. Herbert. The students who performed were Sylwia Popek (7a, Primary School), Pola Trybuchowska (5b, Primary School), Martyna Tatarek (7a, Primary School), Filip Godziszewski (7b, Primary School), Zuzia Turalska (5a, Primary School), Zuzia Szukiewicz (7a, Primary School), Zuzia Mańdziak (7b, Primary School), Jan Wróbel (7a, Primary School), Ania Cieplik (2, Junior High School), Marysia Salwa (preIB, International School of EKOLA), Ada Trybuchowska (preIB, International School of EKOLA) as well as the school choir "EkoDoRe" (1-3, Primary School).

Pan Tadeusz Museum - about freedom and more

On 6th November, the Polish language preIB group visited Pan Tadeusz Museum, where they had a chance not only to see the pages from the national poem manuscript and attentively analyse its author's handwriting, but above all to see how important issues of the contemporary world can be found in the romantic tradition, for example the different definitions of freedom. But it wasn't just the solemn and dignified atmoshpere that the students experienced at the museum - they also hunted a wild boar, arranged the tableware from Soplicowo and listened to music of the romantic era. The museum outing to Pan Tadeusz was the starting point for IB students' cultural education, with many other interesting museums of Wrocław waiting for them along the way.

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