Kindness and good will at EKOLA

The Day of Kindness and Good Will, celebrated on 21st November 2016 in EKOLA, started with passing the "spark of kindness" - all students', teachers' and other school employees' hands joined together in a warm handshake. The spark was initiated at the school entrance door and, subsequently, it ran along the corridors and stairs all over the school building. EKOLA community had been preparing to this event for some time before, discussing the concept of kindness during class tutor hours: what kindness is, how it can be shown and why it is so significant in our lives. Ideas were turned into actions, the effects of which could be seen in the form of, for example, colourful posters promoting kindness which were displayed on school notice boards. The most important event on that day was the fund-raising "Donate for Agatka" organized by EKOLA Students Council. The Day of Kindness and Good Will was supposed to encourage the whole school community to show kindness not only when it is officially celebrated. Have we succeeded? Let's hope so!

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