Breakfast gives power

It was already for the second time that the Festival of Breakfast was held in EKOLA. On 29th November, in the school homeroom, students of years 4-6 of primary school, junior high school and International School impressed everyone with their knowledge, enthusiasm and ingenuity in creating wholesome breakfast. The meals were being prepared in two turns, first, by the teams from primary school and after them - junior high school, preIB and IB students. Our special guest this year was Ms Beata Jankowska, a dietician and specialist in healthy eating, who regularly provides workshops on healthy diet to all age groups. Not only did Ms Jankowska give a short lecture and share her knowledge with participants, but she would also frequently lend her kitchen appliances to the desperate young chefs. On the tables, there appeared simple dishes, for example yoghurt with fruit, as well as more elaborate ones: sushi, seasoned pancakes, avocado spread and gluten-free cookies. All recipes met the most important requirement: not using simple sugars (the exception was fruit). The jury consisting of Ms Jolanta Węglowska, Ms Joanna Lejza and Ms Beata Jankowska had a very difficult task which was to determine which breakfast was best made and best served. The prizes were not material but still attractive for students.

The awarded primary school teams:

"A healthy cake with the school director" prize – a sweet potato cake baked by the school director, Ms Joanna Lejza – Oliwia Jeżewska, Pola Szajkowska, Zuzanna Turalska (Year 4a) and Kamila Cygan, Anna Węgrzyn, Marika Kończyło (Year 6b).

"You're the boss at PE class” prize – Nikodem Stępień, Mikołaj Dykier, Jakub Jurek (Year 4a) and Seweryn Stępień, Mikołaj Koelner, Mikołaj Piejko, Alek Birunt (Year 5).

"A day of being unprepared for classes" prize – Simona Kończyło, Paulina Kamińska, Maria Dziurdzia, Maja Kontecka (Year 6b).

The awarded junior high school and International School teams:

"A day of being unprepared for classes" prize – Year preIB, Zofia Kurek, Stanisław Wróbel, Tomasz Gmytrasiewicz (Year 1 of junior high), Witold Warmuzek, Oskar Mikina, Mikołaj Chudzikowski (Year 3 of junior high).

"A night at EKOLA" prize – Anna Cieplik, Olivier Manczak-Mancewicz, Marcin Zubrzycki, Weronika Sienkiewicz (Year 1 of junior high).

Our congratulations to all awarded teams!


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