Scientifically in Kraków

What do fashion and faith have in common with new scientific theories? In order to answer this question, on 6th December, preIB and IB students set out for Kraków (Cracow) to attend Professor Roger Penrose's lecture at the Jagiellonian University. The distinguished physicist talked about how natural sciences create new models of reality in which universal laws of physics could be applied not only in our most immediate surroundings, accessible to sensual cognition, but also in the entire universe. New theories often arouse controversy and scientists representing various viewpoints sometimes cannot resist fashions. Sir Roger Penrose expressed his critical attitude to the current developments of the string theory, whose advocates, relying on faith and imagination, are obviously affected by fashion. The Professor, however, himself demonstrated inspiring imagination when telling about cyclic cosmology (see photos). The lecture prompted lots of questions in students and triggered further discussion on problems presented by Professor Roger Penrose. 

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