Harold Pinter at the National Theatre of London

On Thursday, 15th December, International School students went to Nowe Horyzonty cinema to - once again - watch a London National Theatre broadcast. They could admire a splendid performance of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, two leading actors in Harold Pinter's play "No Man's Land". What turned out very interesting was the discussion that the actors had with the director, Sean Mathias, who came to National Theatre from Odeon, where the play was also broadcast live. By participation in this event, students could experience "metatheatre", in which not only the play itself is being watched but also the London audience can be seen, which led to realising that they were only some part of the audience watching the play all over the world. Little differences between subtitles on the screen and words actually spoken on stage revealed to them the unique nature of theatre performance. 

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