Tumultuous debates, or Wratislavia Model United Nations

On the 12th - 13th of December, majority of IB2 students and a few from IB1 participated in Wratislavia Model United Nations, which took place at the Institute of Political Science in Koszarowa street, Wrocław. The topic of this year’s event was the migration crisis in the context of the conflict in the Middle East and Ukraine. The participants mostly came from ERASMUS project and some were actually from the countries that they represented, which made the debates more valid and interesting to listen to. Having two councils, Human Rights Committee and Security Council, the participants brought forward one resolution during the second day in which the issue of refugees’ rights and security was discussed. Overall, the atmosphere of the whole event was incredibly warm and hard-working. As the Secretary General, I believe that the group not only found solutions to today’s tense situation problem, but also everyone enjoyed the time we spent together.  

Nina Brocka, IB2


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