On illegibility at the Museum of Pan Tadeusz

On 10th January 2017, IB1 and IB2 students with Polish A teacher, Ms Renata Otolińska, and the Head of School, Ms Jolanta Węglowska, visited the Museum of Pan Tadeusz (Sir Thaddeus, or the Last Lithuanian Foray, epic poem by Adam Mickiewicz), where a temporary exhibition titled "Illegibility. Palimpsets" will be held by 30th March. The exhibition devoted to the phenomenon of illegibility and accumulation of written word is presented not only in the temporary exhibitions hall, but it also penetrates into the space normally dedicated to the manuscript of "Pan Tadeusz" and 20th-century Poland history. EKOLA students were shown around by Ms Maria Marszałek of Museum Department of Events, who helped interpret the often "illegible" works of contemporary art, for example Andrzej Bednarczyk's "Dwanaście ksiąg" ("The Twelve Books", referring to "Pan Tadeusz" books), collages by Zbigniew Libera and Roma Hałat, "I kropka" series by Sophia Pompera (enlarged period marks ending the manuscripts of the greatest love stories of German literature), Zbigniew Sałaj's "Język" ("Language"), made up of Polish propaganda texts of the 80s, or video installations by Katarzyna Giełżyńska, who covered "Pan Tadeusz" manuscript with some other text. The visit to the museum and watching the exhibition "Illegibility. Palimpsest" was a valuable experience for the young art consumers from EKOLA, who certainly learned a lot and will look in a different way at seemingly incomprehensible works of art in museums and art galleries of the whole world.


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