"Iwona..." and more

A group of IB students and their Polish A teacher, Ms Renata Otolińska, spent the day of 28th March in Warsaw, where they pursued an extensive - even if one-day only - cultural programme. For some students it was the first visit to Polish capital city, therefore they couldn't possibly skip a walk down the Royal Route or a stroll in the Old Town. The cultural itinerary included two very important spots. First, the students watched the 19th-century painting collection in the National Museum and - among others - Jan Matejko's works. While admiring "The Battle of Grunwald", they had an occasion to test their knowledge of history. In the evening, the group enjoyed not only the beautiful interior of Warsaw National Theatre, but above all - the very successful staging of „Iwona księżniczka Burgunda”, drama by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Agnieszka Glińska, with excellent roles of Jerzy Radziwiłowicz (King Ignacy) and Ewa Konstancja Bułhak (Queen Małgorzata). The artists interpreted „Iwona…” as a drama on nonuniformity or incompatibility of what is common and authentic with forms, conventions, celebrity masquerades, exposing Gombrowicz's irony and humor. The evening at the theatre provided a worthy compensation for the many hours' trip to Warsaw.



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