The week before Christmas is the time for meetings, talks, wrapping up the passing year... On the 19th December, preIB and IB students had their Christmas meeting as well. Not only did they prepare Christmas decorations and a table full of multinational cuisine snacks, but also a little concert of Christmas carols which they sang together. The school director, Ms Jolanta Weglowska, wished everyone merry festive season while lots of kind words, hugs, and warm gestures made all of us feel the joyful atmosphere of Christmas.


On 14th December, a jolly company of Year 3 EKOLA Middle School, preIB and IB1 students set off on their pre-Christmas trip to Dresden, "the Florence of the north". They started their sightseeing in the Old Town, visited the famous Frauenkirche, the church of Virgin Mary - one of the few buildings which survived the bombing and fire of Dresden to collapse only a few days later when the wooden furnishings went up in flames and the high temperature weakened the stone pillars of the church. Having seen the gallery of Saxon Electors, the students walked down the Brühl's Terrace on the river Elbe to the Zwinger courtyard with its Crown Gate and four Polish eagles above. There they watched Old Masters Picture Gallery and explored the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments. The trip ended with a brief but pleasant visit to the Christmas Market.


15 times 18, or the Birthday Meeting

Throughout the year 2018, IB2 students were, one by one, celebrating their eighteenth birthdays, which they also celebrated together on 13th December, at a festive meeting, all smartly dressed, enjoying a birthday cake with candles and a toast but above all, lots of beautiful birthday wishes which they had individually prepared and read out aloud for their friends. The Thursday evening - full of chatting, jokes, cordialities, funny photos - will be remembered for a long time, as a common birthday party for fifteen students certainly happened for the first time in our school history. The meeting ended at the Christmas Market with a symbolic farewell to childhood, which was the roller coaster ride into the future... 



PreIB students were looking forward to the 6th-of-December visit of Santa Claus and he didn't let them down. All of the students - the polite and the less polite ones – received beautiful gifts and afterwards took pictures together with Santa and our schol Christmas tree. And all could truly feel that Christmas is coming…



A couple of IB students met on 30th November to watch another Movie Club film, which this time was "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" directed by Martin McDonagh. The multi-genre picture defined as modern western, poses difficult questions about justice, revenge, punishment and forgiveness, as well as roots of evil that has many faces in the film. Even if Frances McDormand's brilliant performance as a vengeful mother, awarded with Oscar and Golden Globe, was not stunning enough to impress the audience, they will surely remember for long Sam Rockwell's creation of the homophobic, racist policeman Jason Dixon. Not only does the film stimulate discussion but also moves emotionally and at times amuses, all of which makes it one of those unforgettable motion pictures.

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