In the last week of October, the School Movie Club, hosted by Ms Ada Mitas, commenced its activity for the school year 2018/2019. A group of IB1 students saw two important movies within American Film Festival, both stimulating discussion not only on the art of movie-making but, above all, on the vital problems of contemporary world. Both pictures – „The Hate U Give” directed by George Tillman Jr. and „First Man” directed by  Damien Chazelle – proved how varied American films can be. The first film was acclaimed as best of the twelve competing films for the emotionally touching treatment of racist bias, shown from the perspective of a black teenage girl in search for her identity and facing hard life dilemma. The second one astonished the audience as a story not only about the human triumph of conquering the space, but also about the fragility and solitude of Neil Armstrong, the hero - conqueror of the silver globe. One shall remember the claustrophobic spacecraft missions and weary human faces for long.

The Movie Club, at its monthly meetings this year, will explore contemporary American films, thus the inauguration was both symbolic and epic. The products of discussions, analyses and interpretations will be students' works - reviews, creative forms, reflections - published on EKOLA website. We warmly invite all interested students to the November meeting of EKOLA Movie Club.



At the beginning of the school year, IB students took part in their first integration activities, however, the preIB and IB1 October outing to Laser Tag Centre "Zona 71" showed that there's never enough of integration... Competing, having fun, meeting the challenge of the labyrinth space of the Centre gave students not only lots of joy and emotions but, above all, let them get to know one another even better.


Some students went with the Polish teacher and CAS coordinator, Ms Agata Polańska, to the music theatre Capitol for the October Theatre Evening to see "The Tin Drum" directed by Wojciech Kościelniak. The vaudeville music, sophisticated scenography, wonderful choreography and, above all, the fantastic performance of Agata Kucińska as Oskar made a great impression on the 8-graders, junior high school and IB students of EKOLA.


As usual, at the beginning of October, the International Short Story Festival was held in Wrocław. This year, IB students not only participated in festival events: presentations, discussions, film shows, but also did some volunteering within their Creativity / Activity / Service programme. Many interesting writers from, among others, Ireland, Belgium, Austria or Poland read short prose texts, which would move, provoke and stimulate reflections on power and authority - major theme of the festival - understood in different ways, and not only. The issues of contemporary criticism, readership and communication in media were discussed as well. The festival time was a great opportunity for students to listen to quality literature and wise judgments, to think and possibly to seek inspiration for their own writing endeavours…


From the 4th till the 9th of September, students from IB1 and IB2 drove all the way to the beautiful city of Białystok for the 15th European Youth Parliament National Selection Conference. Divided into their respective committees, for a week, they went through team-building activities, problem solving, resolution typing and altogether sleepless nights! It was all great fun and a chance to meet new fellow passionate young people from all over the world, as well as develop their own public speaking skills. Enjoying 15 meals, 20 boxes of cookies, 52 stairs, 57 doors, 76 hours of work, over 100 conversations a day and a great deal of coffee, they came back with new skills and perspectives on the current world situations.

Victoria Oury, IB2 


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