On a February Friday evening, IB students watched a free adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Castle at Wrocław Contemporary Theatre, directed by Marek Fiedor. They already knew Kafka's works such as The Metamorphosis, The Judgment, The Bridge, which is why this particular production surprised them a bit. Instead of a winter village and an introvert hero, they saw a setting typical of American road movies or Edward Hopper's paintings, empty spaces, hotels, gas stations and lonely people in search for some purpose in life. The director interpreted Kafka's story as a contemporary parable about the geometrician K., for whom life is a never-ending choice making between freedom and desire for stability, between reaching Klamm, a mysterious figure from the castle and relationships with five different women. It is this particular thread that was highlighted by the director, which allowed the audience to admire actors' performance, especially Przemysław Bluszcz as K. and Marta Malikowska as Frieda. The confrontation of reading Kafka with the theatre artists' vision of his work was surely a new, interesting experience for students.

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