The school library has close to 7,000 volumes. We have a rich and modern reference collection, which consists of general and specialised encyclopaedias, lexicons, language-specific and thematic dictionaries, guidebooks, information books, album books, atlases, as well as popular science books on history, history of literature, biology, chemistry, geography, film and theatre. The library also has an audio-visual collection: valuable recordings by great composers, films presenting the masterpieces of distinguished painters, and films on DVD – adaptations of school readings, nature and historical programmes, as well as other scientific fields. The fiction collection is dominated by required school readings, but the library also hosts a rich collection of world literature from the 19th and 20th centuries, popular books, as well as literature in foreign languages. The library also has an educational section, which includes books on children upbringing, education, psychology, pedagogy, etc. 

The collection is regularly enriched with new reading materials. These are mainly titles appreciated by both critics and readers.


  • lending literature and popular science books, as well as school readings;
  • providing local access to dictionaries, general and specialised encyclopaedias, as well as studies in various fields of knowledge;
  • lending audio-visual materials and other teaching aids for classes, the school day-care room, and extracurricular activities;
  • expert information and advice on the search and selection of literature on a given subject;
  • popularisation of reading: library lessons, reading events, special exhibitions;
  • Internet access.

Opening Hours:

Monday  09:00-14:00
Tuesday  09:00-14:00
Wednesday  09:00-14:00
Thursday  09:00-14:00


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