About CAS

The CAS Programme is organized around the following three strands:

  • CREATIVITY - exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
  • ACTIVITY - physical exertion contributing to healthy lifestyle
  • SERVICE - collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need

Having time for CAS is worth it!

According to IB Diploma Programme requirements, IB2 students continue and IB1 students begin their adventure with CAS. In the current school year 2018/2019, their work is coordinated by Ms Agata Polańska and Ms Małgorzata Szeferowicz. After the first consultations, the students set their action plans. As far as creativity is concerned, some interesting ideas like running, setting up a music band, participating in WROMUN sessions, organizing e-sport competitions, dance, guitar and art classes appeared in them. When it comes to developing physical fitness, students take part in organized as well as individual sports activities at a gym, swimming pool, parkour and volleyball tournaments, aikido and tennis classes. And finally, there is a whole range of voluntary activities within the heart of CAS, which is Service. These are: participation in "A Bit of Asia" project, English, Korean, Ukrainian and Math tutoring, volunteering in a hospice, animal shelter, dormitory and a retirement home, organization of charity fairs, activities supporting school's public relations and a friendly atmosphere among its students through organizing soirées and talent shows. We hope the students have enough persistence to achieve their goals and that all their achievements will give them lots of satisfaction. Good luck and fingers crossed!

CAS Diaries 

And these are sample pages of our students' CAS Diaries:





CAS enables students to demonstrate attributes of the IB learner profile (see below) in real and practical ways, to grow as unique individuals and to recognize their role in relation to others. Students develop skills, attitudes and dispositions through a variety of individual and group experiences that provide them with opportunities to explore their interests and express their passions, personalities and perspectives. CAS complements a challenging academic programme in a holistic way, providing opportunities for self-determination, collaboration, accomplishment and enjoyment.

A meaningful CAS programme is a journey of discovery of self and others. Each individual student has a different starting point and different needs and goals. A CAS programme is therefore individualized according to student interests, skills, values and background.

Successful completion of CAS is a requirement for the award of the IB Diploma. While not formally assessed, students reflect on their CAS experiences and provide evidence in their CAS portfolios of achieving the seven learning outcomes.



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