Essay, feature, review

Within the Higher Level courses of Polish, English and other languages taught in EKOLA as well as the Creativity component of Creativity / Activity / Service programme, IB Diploma students create variety of texts: essays, feature, reviews and other creative forms. Their works touch on a wide range of topics: social and ethical issues, travel, films of Anglophone countries (and not only), books worth recommending, phenomena of contemporary culture, all sorts of personal reflections, observations, comments on the reality which surrounds us. We warmly invite you to look at the students' works - film reviews on the film blog, Movies We Live By, in the section "Students' Reviews", and other works - see below:

1) IB1 (2018/2019) - completed dialogue of Cortazar's characters

2) Julia Różańska (preIB, 2015/2016), A jeśli tak się zdarzy?

3) Karolina Seredyńska (preIB, 2015/2016), Ty czy oni?

4) Nina Brocka (IB1, 2015/2016), On Euthanasia

5) Nina Brocka (IB1, 2015/2016), When does human life really begin? 

6) Nina Brocka (IB1, 2015/2016), „In the 21st century we should ignore religious views about the status and duty of
humankind in the created world.” How far can we agree?


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