Admission to preIB

preIB - year 10 of education; prep course before the two-year IBDP 

The following documents should be submitted in the school secretary or IBDP coordinator's office:

by 15th June:

 by 29th June:

  • previous school grade report
  • copy of passport identification page 
  • health record (if applicable)
  • two passport-size photos

The entrance exam fee is 150 PLN and should be paid in cash at the school or to the school bank account:

bank: BANK PKO BP    

account number: 26 1020 5226 0000 6302 0481 0372

account owner: Fundacja Oświatowa Ekola, ul. Zielińskiego 56, 53-534 Wrocław

Entrance exam to preIB Year checks the candidate's level of competence in the Englsih language. It consists of two components:

written component:

  • listening comprehension, reading comprehension, use of English (filling in missing words in a text, word formation, rephrasing sentences by changing their vocabulary, sentence order and grammar structures), writing task (written response to a text - 150-200 words; 8-10-sentence answer to an open question); duration of the test – 1h30m;

oral component:

  • a talk with the candidate on an assigned topic (motivation to learn in IBDP; candidate's interests / passions; mass media, mobile technologies, the Internet, social networking and their role in a young people's life; feeling of identity and belonging - who am I?; issues in the contemporary world, e.g. natural environment pollution, terrorism, addictions, genetically modified food, moving life to the Internet, etc); duration of the talk – apprx 10m.


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