Admission to preIB

preIB - year 10 of education; prep course before the two-year IBDP 

The following documents should be submitted in the school secretary or IBDP coordinator's office:

by 15th June:

 by 29th June:

  • previous school grade report
  • copy of passport identification page 
  • health record (if applicable)
  • two passport-size photos

The entrance exam fee is 200 PLN and should be paid in cash at the school or to the school bank account:

bank: BANK PKO BP    

account number: 26 1020 5226 0000 6302 0481 0372

account owner: Fundacja Oświatowa Ekola, ul. Zielińskiego 56, 53-534 Wrocław

Conditions for candidate's admission to year preIB:

1) result of the entrance exam in English - minimum 50%

2) candidate's "Behaviour" assessment on the Junior High School final grade report - at least grade "good"

3) candidate's mean grade on the Junior High School final grade report - at least 4.0 (subjects taken into account for calculating the mean grade: Polish, English, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics)

4) interview about candidate's interests, motivation for choosing IB Diploma Programme, plans for the future, etc.

We also take into account any extra accomplishments of the candidate, e.g. participation in subject competitions, contests, extracurricular activities, social involvement, etc, confirmed by appropriate documents. In case of candidates of nationalities other than Polish, the decision of admitting the candidate to school is based of the entrance exam in English and analysis of certificates / documents / letters of recommendation from their previous school(s).

Entrance exam to preIB Year checks the candidate's level of competence in the English language. It consists of two components:

written component:

  • listening comprehension, reading comprehension, use of English (filling in missing words in a text, word formation, rephrasing sentences by changing their vocabulary, sentence order and grammar structures), writing task (written response to a text - 150-200 words; 8-10-sentence answer to an open question); duration of the test – 1h30m;

oral component:

  • a talk with the candidate on an assigned topic (motivation to learn in IBDP; candidate's interests / passions; mass media, mobile technologies, the Internet, social networking and their role in a young people's life; feeling of identity and belonging - who am I?; issues in the contemporary world, e.g. natural environment pollution, terrorism, addictions, genetically modified food, moving life to the Internet, etc); duration of the talk – apprx 10m.


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